Three Melbourne based companies delivering exceptional advertising services for clients nationwide.

We’ve got the bases covered when it comes to developing advertising services that work within deadline and budget, while thinking outside the box. Learn a little more about us by clicking on the icons below.


GDJ is an advertising agency distinguished by an irrepressible can-do attitude & an imaginative approach. For small & large clients alike, we offer a highly personalised service.

Formed in 1996, GDJ unites a wonderful team of gifted people who share a passion for delivering great ideas and intuitive customer service. From small scale press ads and print work of all shapes and sizes to traditional electronic advertising and digital communications including web development, there isn’t much we don’t do in house.

Mazda campaign image


Mazda is a foundation client for GDJ. The partnership we have enjoyed with Mazda from day one has showcased our commitment to value, quality, timeliness and creativity.
Massey Ferguson campaign image

Massey Ferguson

As an important brand of AGCO and the force behind some of the most recognised agricultural tractors on the planet, GDJ has assisted Massey Ferguson on a range of levels, from high-end branding to fast-paced retail.
Zoo campaign image

Zoos Victoria

Another long-term business partner, Zoos Victoria is great fun to work with and we hope it shows. We greatly respect their endeavours for fighting extinction and are proud to be creating vibrant, considered, and lively work for such a significant Victorian institution.

Our Media

Our Media is a flexible, highly responsive media buyer that provides large and small clients with unique insight, clear strategy and tailored media solutions. A flexible, hardworking extension of your business, we’re independent and robust, down to earth and easy to deal with.

Being a small, experienced team has big advantages. We’re quick to market and have the kind of agility that big media companies can’t match. Our enthusiasm for projects big and small gives us the edge when it comes to partnering with clients and providing solutions that not only get results, but make sense on the bottom line.

Strathcona campaign image


Starting with tight consumer insight to really understand the decision process involved for parents and grandparents, we mesh with the creative agency and blend our knowledge to give this great school the edge. Small budgets? No problem. Tight timelines? Easy.
Always Fresh campaign image

Always Fresh

With a wide range of products in FMCG, but a focused positioning around their Italian heritage, Always Fresh offer us great scope to capitalise on an increasingly foodie market with a mix of mainstream promotion and social marketing to create deep brand connections. In this vein our digital campaign focused on consumer promotion has led to outstanding results.
Bayford campaign image


A classic tale of a relationship grown and strengthened over time. Having begun by providing VW commercial ads through Myadbox, we’re now developing longer term strategic marketing plans for all members in the dealers group.

Hub Ink

Hub Ink is an agile creative brand and retail advertising agency that engages on multiple levels with our clients. We specialise in smart, high quality conceptual thinking and tight working relationships with both large and small clients, and are a refreshing alternative to the larger-scale industry model.

Formed in 2000, Hub Ink is a tight knit team of talented professionals that thinks creatively to produce fantastic solutions. With a highly responsive and personalised service across print, digital, broadcast communications and web development, our mission is to help brands tell their unique stories and maintain lasting relationships within their market. Our belief is that communication platforms should inspire audience response by challenging, exciting, and engaging all ways.

Volkswagen campaign image


As one of our earliest and longest partnerships, we are fortunate to have worked so extensively with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles since launching them into the Australian market as a stand-alone brand, with the arrival of Volkswagen Amarok. We have since enjoyed producing a range of creative material across press, digital, radio and TV with a fresh approach and innovative concepts.
Start Broadband campaign image

Start Broadband

A great opportunity has been creating the branding, media strategy and website for new independent broadband start-up, Start Broadband. Beginning with a fresh logo design and an overall look for the brand, it’s been exciting to be so involved in this new venture from its roots.
Great Walks of Australia campaign image

Great Walks of Australia

Creating a brand identity, leave-behind booklet and fully responsive website for Great Walks of Australia in the backend of 2012 was a treat. After much research into the demographic and experiencing one of the walks itself, Hub Ink has thoroughly enjoyed the task of increasing awareness for Great Walks within the tourist market.


Myadbox has rapidly emerged as one of the premier online ad creation systems in Australia. We partner with clients who value resourcefulness, thinking outside the square and technology that saves and enables.

Cost effective and completely versatile, Myadbox makes the client the master of their messaging. With 24/7/365 ad creation across all devices, clever automation, asset hosting and management, real time reporting and global access to activity across the network, Myadbox drives production costs down and puts the client back in control.



Smart, infinitely adjustable press templates that take seconds to create and dispatch.


Point of sale

Tailor and generate point of sale in line with your campaigns in just a few clicks.



Edit any Super content within your television ads to tailor the message and dispatch nationwide in minutes.



Access pre-approved scripts for recording - anywhere in Australia at anytime.


Direct Mail

Edit DM content that aligns with your brand and retail messages, and is print ready in no time.



Broadcasting a tailored SMS message to your list of contacts is super simple. Super fast.



Generate campaign aligned animated web content in a few clicks.


Static Banners

Static Banners such as email signatures that communicate your brand/deal. Made in seconds.



Lightning fast creation of EDMs that you can send automatically. Receive detailed reports on response.



Extra support for custom creation/alterations of content. Cost effective. Quick.



Tailor your outdoor campaigns to match your message and media schedule in minutes, not days.


Animated GIF

Prepare and create animated GIF files that match your brand requirements and can be tailored to LAM requirements in minutes.